Monday, July 14, 2008

To Be All There

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To Be All There

It is not only homemakers who need to remember that their current season is not a holding pattern or a hindrance. Two of our single readers also see that it is important to apply these truths to their lives and “live to the hilt” of what God has called them to today:

Thank you so much for your encouraging post which reminds me to try to serve God in whatever I do. I have the opposite problem to the young woman described in your post!

I'm a woman who isn't married yet and who works, and I look at my married friends with children and am envious of all the opportunities they have to share the gospel, serve their husbands and children and glorify God in a way which seems better than the situation I am in. But then comparing isn't the point is it? It is to be as Susannah Wesley says! I've been very struck by Col. 3.17 recently and am asking God to help me to do this whatever I do in work, in my church life and most particularly (this is where it has really hit!) in my courtship. Which is revealing to me just how sinful and selfish I am! But how great of God to save me, so I must keep that in mind!


I think the mindset that we are not using our gifts as homemakers can also apply to single women waiting to be married or married women waiting to have children. We are waiting for that season where we think God will really start his plan for our lives and for our service to Him, but like you said earlier this week, we should imitate Jim Elliot's words and whatever season of life we are in, be all there for the glory of God!


Posted by Carolyn Mahaney on July 02, 2008 at 05:54 PM


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