Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's Time to Say Goodbye

It is with bittersweet emotion that I sit and compose this. For selfish reasons I cry out of sadness when inside I am thankful for God's mercy and grace. Praise God!

Precious Seth who has a special place in our hearts has gone to the arms of his Heavenly Father. I received the following email this morning:

Good Morning,
[Seth's parents] have asked me to tell all of you that Little Seth passed away this morning at 5:15am [eastern time]. They wanted to let all of you know your support has helped them tremendously through this very sad time.
Please keep all the prayers coming for [Seth's mother] to help her get through a time that no mother should have to go through.

Please continue to lift up Seth's parents in your prayers. Thank you for all of your spiritual support!!! To God be the glory forever and ever. Amen.

The following comes from Noel Piper as she blogged on the Desiring God website:

“'I am come into deep waters' took on a new meaning this morning. It started with perplexing matters concerning the future. Then it dawned that shallow waters were a place where you can neither sink nor swim, but in deep waters it is one or the other: 'waters to swim in'—not to float in. Swimming is the intense, most strenuous form of motion—all of you is involved in it—and every inch of you is in abandonment of rest upon the water that bears you up.
'We rest in Thee, and in Thy Name we go.' (A Blossom in the Desert, 146.)

"It is an encouragement to me to be reminded by this image that deep water doesn’t drown us if we swim hard while at the same time we abandon ourselves to God who holds us up—“underneath are the everlasting arms” (Deut. 33:27)."

And, Noel Piper writes the following regarding the death of her infant granddaughter, Felicity:
"...she has always been and will always be a citizen only of the land of promise, the city whose designer and builder is God (Heb 11:9,10). And though we still weep to hold her and know her, what more could we ask for her? She will never have to struggle over her true allegiance as we do who are citizens of both an earthly nation and the Kingdom of God." (by Noel Piper. © Desiring God. Website:

The same can be said for precious Seth, God's beautiful little lamb.


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