Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What Can We Learn from a Little Man?

I would like to begin with three stanzas of a poem written by Tyler Kenny of Desiring God Ministries. (This poem was actually written for a beautiful newborn little girl named Felicity Margaret Piper who left this world a couple of days before she departed her mother’s womb. I believe these stanzas also apply to precious Seth, who went away from this vapor of a life after only two years of being with us.)

“Life is never ill-conceived.
He willed through you to make us grieved;
and though our hearts now linger sad,
we know whom we’ve believed.

“The God who numbers all our days
no less deserves our endless praise.
He means the loss that now bodes bad
to highlight heaven’s rays.

“He’s teaching us to trust his grace
while yet we cannot see his face
like you, in righteousness now clad,
and Fatherly embrace.” (© Desiring God. Website:

Seth drew us ever nearer to God and persuaded us to depend on Him, to beseech Him, and to give Him more attention now than some of us probably have in a long while. Seth encouraged people to share their faith with one another and to pray together, when in the average day to day circumstances they most likely would not. Seth got us thinking about life and how our Heavenly Father holds it gingerly in His hand. We can clearly see there are no accidents, no coincidences, and no mistakes…God knows exactly what He is doing and though we do not see the full picture this side of Heaven, Seth had a part in making sure one day we will.

Seth brought people together who otherwise never would have known about each other. He openly shared his heart and taught many of us to believe and trust in Christ Jesus. God had Seth’s name written in the Book of Life and his precious days already numbered before the world was even created. Perhaps Seth even has favor with God. What beautiful grace and mercy can be seen in that God chose to allow Seth to bypass worldly temptation and sin and instead go straight to our Father’s Kingdom.

Without Seth, some of the people whose lives he touched would not have faith that leads to grace. Seth’s tiny life glorified God!

In closing I am going to quote Pastor John Piper (who said the following tidbit at his granddaughter’s funeral but I would like to direct it to Seth), [beloved Seth] “Come, there is somebody I want you to meet. His name is Jesus. He’s the reason you’re here. You don’t need to be afraid. Your Savior has led you all the way. And Jesus does all things well.”


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