Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FABULOUS Articles by Albert Mohler

Albert Mohler currently has so many spectacular pieces of writing on his blog I encourage you to surf right over there and dig into the following:

The Abortion Question and the Future which gives some information about the preferences of 2008 Presidential candidates.

Abortion is back front and center in the 2008 presidential race. Sen. John McCain and the Republican Party Platform call for a reversal of Roe v. Wade and are against any notion of abortion as a fundamental right. Both the candidate and the platform call for specific measures to curtail access to abortion and to lead, eventually, to the end of abortion on demand.

Sen. Barack Obama and the Democratic Party Platform call for a stalwart and enthusiastic defense of Roe v. Wade and for expanded access to abortion. In the case of Sen. Obama, his advocacy of abortion rights goes considerably beyond where any major candidate has ever gone before. (Continue reading...)

Spare the Rod? America's Parents Just Won't Get With the Science

Alan E. Kazdin is a frustrated man, and it's America's parents who are frustrating him. These parents are, of all things, prone to use an occasional spanking in disciplining their children. Dr. Kazdin's great frustration is that these parents insist on doing what seems right to them, and thus they are ignoring or rejecting the fact that "science" shows that spankings don't work. (Continue reading...)

The End of Evolution?

The evolutionist is locked into an intellectual box from which there is no rescue. Evolutionary theory is naturalistic by necessity -- everything must be explained in purely naturalistic terms. Only nature can explain nature, and there is no other source of meaning or truth. Thus, in the end the theory of evolution -- and the theory of evolution alone -- must explain everything about humanity.

This predicament was made clear in a lecture recently given by geneticist Steve Jones at University College London. Speaking on his chosen topic, "Evolution is Over," Jones argued that human evolution has reached an end because of changes in human health and human behavior.

This argument stands in stark contrast to those offered by other evolutionists, who now call on humanity to use modern reproductive technologies and techniques designed to enhance the species. Some go so far as to argue that humans must employ these technologies and direct evolution in order to save the species from itself. (Continue reading...)

The End of the Nation? Russia Chooses Death Over Life

Reports out of Russia indicate that the recent military clash with Georgia may have represented something more like desperation than opportunism. Murray Feshbach of The Washington Post reports that, all things considered, Russia is actually close to a national collapse. (Continue reading...)

Are We Promised Prosperity?

There are a host of issues to be considered here. Many Americans are just waking up to the basic facts of economics. Most, sad to say, remain oblivious. Some among the more curious are discovering how much borrowing and lending goes on in the course of business -- and among their neighbors.

Niall Ferguson, one of the world's most influential historians, puts much of this into perspective in an essay published in the current issue of TIME magazine. In "The End of Prosperity?," Ferguson argues that another Great Depression -- a "Depression 2.0" -- is avoidable. Nevertheless, a period of far less material prosperity is almost surely at hand. (Continue reading...)

You Must Be Born Again

The New York Times ran a story on September 26 that provides incredible evidence that there is within the human heart a yearning to be born again. In "For a Fee, a Thai Temple Offers a Head Start on Rebirth," reporter Seth Mydans tells of a Buddhist temple that "offers, for a small fee, an opportunity to die, rise up again newborn and make a fresh start in life." (Continue reading...)

"On Faith" -- On Overturning "Roe v. Wade"

The question posed at "On Faith," the project of Newsweek magazine and The Washington Post, had to do with whether the Roe v. Wade decision on abortion should be reversed. The responses from columnists were very revealing, if tragic. My own column was brief, but to the point: (Continue reading...)

Phew...see what I mean? So much excellent, thought provoking stuff!!! Now off you go to dig in!


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