Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Book Review: Worldliness -- Honest Talk About Seduction

(by Albert Mohler)

My friend C. J. Mahaney and a few of his friends have written a powerhouse of a book in Worldliness: Resisting the Seduction of a Fallen World (Crossway). In its essence, worldliness is "a love for the fallen world," C. J. explains. "It's loving the values and pursuits of the world that stand opposed to God." More emphatically, it is "to gratify and exalt oneself to the exclusion of God."

Just in case anyone might miss how to apply this, C. J. and his team go right after major temptations inherent in worldliness. Craig Cabaniss writes about worldliness and media with good insight. To no surprise, Bob Kauflin goes after music, bringing the same theological insights he brings to his music ministry. Take this zinger, for example: Bob warns that a sign that music has become an idol is when our passion for Christ has waned but our passion for music has not.

Dave Harvey writes about worldliness and "our stuff." (Loved his warning about "virtual giving.") C. J. then turns to worldliness and dress, offering good and much needed advice, and Jeff Purswell then concludes by talking about the Christian's right understanding of the world.

We are not here by accident.

Worldliness offers other good features, including a foreword by John Piper. Most importantly, the book is Gospel-centered and avoids both legalism and antinomianism. It is also well-timed for the Christmas season. Read it, savor it, ponder it . . . and then give a copy to someone else.



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