Friday, January 16, 2009

Clarifying Calvinism (Parts 4 & 5)

(by Phil Johnson)

Part IV: One more recommendation, and an explanation of why this issue is important to me

"Here’s a recommendation for your iPod: If you are someone who is resistant to Calvinism, or you don’t feel you fully understand enough about it, and you want a single, simple overview of the substance and the history of Calvinism, I gave a message to our college students almost two years ago titled 'The Story of Calvinism,' where I did my best to cover all that ground in one shot. It’s on the internet with the rest of my sermons, and you can download it for free. The web address is, and look for the title 'The Story of Calvinism.'"

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Part V: Why this issue is really a lot simpler than most people think
"At the end of the previous post, I described how even in my Arminian days, I affirmed an awful lot of truth about the sovereignty of God: I would have affirmed with no reservation whatsoever that God is God; that He does all His good pleasure; that no one can make Him do otherwise; that He is in control and in charge no matter how much noise evildoers try to make; and not only is He in charge, He is working all things out for my good and His glory. As a matter of fact, my confidence in the promise of Romans 8:28 was what motivated my prayer life."

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