Thursday, January 29, 2009

Elyse Fitzpatrick's HELPER BY DESIGN

A dear friend of mind is reading Elyse Fitzpatrick's HELPER BY DESIGN: GOD'S PERFECT PLAN FOR WOMEN IN MARRIAGE and it sounds very encouraging. The table of contents includes chapters entitled "His Companion, His Helper", "A Covenant Companionship", "What God has Joined Together", "The Two Shall Become One", "Called for His Purpose", "Created to Communicate", "Helping Your Husband Believe", and "Women Who Hope in God" among others. An excerpt of the book is available at I don't know about you but I can ALWAYS use a little extra encouragement when it comes to being a biblical wife.

A favorite book of mine also on this topic is Martha Peace's THE EXCELLENT WIFE: A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE. An excerpt of this book can be found at

I love how God never asks us to do something that is impossible. His grace is ALWAYS sufficient and he provides relationships (sisters in Christ) and resources to help us along the way! Praise be to God!
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