Monday, April 06, 2009

Profound Influence

(by Carolyn Mahaney)

The second great deal for moms of teenagers is: be a godly example.

Three wise authors weigh in:

“The example of parents, for good or ill, is an influence more profound than can be measured,” observes author Elisabeth Elliot.

Your children “will seldom learn habits which they see you despise, or walk in paths in which you do not walk yourself,” warns J.C. Ryle. “[She] that preaches to [her] children what [she] does not practice, is working a work that never goes forward.”

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Not Perfect, But Humble
(by Carolyn Mahaney)

If you’re like me, you’re painfully aware of the imperfect example you are to your teenagers. But this is good, for it brings us back to the cross.

We are sinful mothers; however, we must not forget that the Savior died for sinners such as we. We will never be able to hold up for our teenagers a perfect example; however, we should display the humble, honest example of a woman striving after holiness, by the grace of God.

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Children, Imitate Me
(by Carolyn Mahaney)

In difficult situations with our teenagers, a humble example is a powerful tool that breaks down barriers. A humble spirit helps us get behind the walls our teenagers may erect. It’s a doorway into their hearts, no matter how hard they have become.

From the time our children were old enough to communicate, C.J. and I asked them regularly, “If there is one thing about Daddy and mommy you could change, what would it be?” Often they said silly things like, “Give us more ice cream.”

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