Thursday, April 16, 2009

Raising Teens

For those of you who know me well and on a day to day basis, you know my struggles with training up the teens in my household. These children are heavy on my heart as they each navigate through their life, high school, peer pressure, and their own sin. The battles do not seem to end as I assist and parent each one in turn. I get through one obstacle with one child only to trip over the next barrier with the other child. Sometimes the obstructions are small and easy to maneuver around and other times the issues are rather large and I struggle with my own sin of frustration.

The Girltalk gals have been doing a fabulous “Best Deals for Moms of Teenagers” series for which I am truly thankful. It has helped me to know where I am on track in my parenting and in which areas I should re-evaluate and make some changes.

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