Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Springtime of the Church

(by Roberto Rivera y Carlo)

Now, if you're anything like me — and for your sake, I pray that you're not — all this talk about self-examination and repentance can be unnerving and even depressing. After all, the contours of my life are marked by (to borrow a phrase by Re:Generation Quarterly's Andy Crouch) "disappointment, transcendence, frustration, delight, and anxiety — and a fair amount of just plain sin." My shortcomings can cause me to dread, not look forward to, this "springtime" of the Church.

That's because, as is my wont, my self-absorption causes me to miss the point and blinds me to the central and distinctive role that memory plays in biblical faith, especially during Holy Week. Holy Week is about anamnesis, bringing the past to mind in a way that transforms the present.

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