Monday, September 28, 2009

Crazy Love

It is absolutely CRAZY to me how God works everything for the good of those who LOVE Him! Last week a dear friend of mine mentioned she (in her new bible study group) is starting to read a book called CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan. I had never heard of the book and did not put much thought into it at the time as my friend said she would let me know how she likes (or dislikes) the book when she is finished with it.

Yesterday (Sunday) was our church picnic. Being our worship services ended at about 11:30 a.m. and the picnic was not scheduled to begin until 4:00 p.m. I had some time to kill. (I did not want to drive the 45 minutes home and waste time, gas, and money.) So, I headed to the local bookstore where I scanned the shelves to find something to occupy my time. THE LOVE DARE book caught my eye but I am almost finished with that one at home so I bypassed it. Then another book (sitting next to THE LOVE DARE) caught my eye. Would you like to take a guess which book it was? Yep…CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan. I sidestepped it as well initially but found myself coming back to it so I picked it up.

Though I did not make it very far into the book given my time constraints, I do want to say the part I did read was FABULOUS!!! I did not want to put the book down. When it came time to leave the store and head over to the park for the picnic I wanted to bring the book with me however I felt $15.99 was a steep price to pay (being I have very limited funds) so I had to leave it behind.

Throughout the book Chan references various videos on his website that go along with each chapter and point about which he is writing. Not to mention his “Balance Beam” video that gives (in my opinion) an excellent analogy.

I think the most striking point Chan made in the few pages I was able to sit and read was God made all of His creations to suit Him! So who am I to question Him? He does not work things to accommodate selfish me!!! And really, who do I think I am believing I have any right to even suggest He do so?! Wow, PRIDEFUL!!!! Ick, the ugly wretch that I am!!!

Further, (God has reminded me yet again this weekend that) He is so faithful at reassuring me He is doing things (that glorify Him) yet are for my good! Though I throw such tantrums (going before God in a huff in prayer) every time I do not understand why something is the way it is (though in my heart I know it is to bring glory to God) He still shows me he has my eternity in mind. For example, Saturday I was upset about a situation and felt disheartened. But, instead of causing strife I went before God in prayer. Each time the circumstance challenged me I consulted God before responding. In (what I thought was) the end, my feelings were hurt and I fell to pieces before the throne. However, the conclusion had not yet been reached! God stopped sin in its tracks and remedied the issue at hand. All without my hand in it! God’s work was so blatant to me it left no question in my mind. God sorted it out! He had it worked out from the beginning (the very beginning before the foundations of the earth) and it was going to transpire in His perfect timing…NOT MINE!!! (The timing, however, on this one just happened to be close to my own…so I did not have to wait long.)

God is so good, just, all knowing, and all powerful! And I think Chan’s book does an adequate job of removing the sleep from human eyes so God can be seen more clearly by those who truly love Him!
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