Monday, September 14, 2009

God and Me!

After church on Sunday I went to the local Christian Bookstore to find two books. Though I was unable to locate the first: John MacArthur's A FAITH TO GROW ON BIBLE, I was blessed to pick up the last remaining copy (on the shelf) of this book: GOD AND ME! 2.

Though it states it is intended for girls ages ten to twelve, I have actually gotten it for one of the teenagers in my home. Being I am using it as a "shepherding" tool, I did not want it to be too overwhelming for her so I think despite the age specification it will work out nicely!

This book was met with an interest for God and the stories of the bible. My prayer (of course) is our King will use it in ways I could never imagine to shepherd this precious little lamb's heart so that she may have faith that leads to grace and receive a new heart of flesh and the Holy Spirit!
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