Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to Help Your Grieving Friend

Molly Piper has a new website! On there she also has a series called "How to Help Your Grieving Friend". Though she specifically targets the loss of a child as the reason behind the particular sorrow about which she speaks, I feel her advice can also apply to other forms of heartache and traumatic experiences women face (on one level or another). I generally find her guidance and honesty to be excellent!

How to Help Your Grieving Friend Series
◦Just Know That She’s Exhausted
◦She’s a Scatterbrain
◦There Is No Timetable
◦She May Explode (But Probably Not)
◦She Can’t Grieve on Command
◦Ask Her Specific Questions
◦Avoid the Flippant Comfort of Hallmark Answers
◦Always on My Mind
◦10 Tips for Bringing Meals to a Grieving Friend
◦Cleaning Her House Is Next to Godliness
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