Monday, July 05, 2010

Remaining Close to God

During my reading of EXPERIENCING GOD, Blackaby, Blackaby, and King mention a point I feel is key. They use Elijah's fire challenge against Baal as an example and write, "Throughout the process, Elijah had to REMAIN CLOSE TO GOD and do whatever the Lord commanded." (p. 45. Emphasis added.)

To which I give a hearty, "Amen!" I have experienced that when I have trusted in my King the most, was faithful, stayed diligent in His word (Psalm 119:11), and pressed close to Him, peace has been abounding. I rarely understand why the good Lord operates the way He does...His ways are not like my own (Isaiah 55:8). But there is a peace that surpasses all understanding! God is love (1 John 4:7)...and sometimes it is "tough love". Being a parent myself who has had to give "tough love" to an individual before, I understand why God does do is out of a deep ocean of love.

Blackaby, Blackaby, and King go on to say,
"Anyone who enters into an intimate relationship with God can see God do exceptional things through his or her life. The outcome DOES NOT depend upon a person being unusually gifted, educated, or wealthy. The key is the indwelling PRESENCE OF GOD doing unusual things through a willing servant." (p.46. Emphasis added.)

And ALL THINGS are His servants. (Psalm 119:91. Ephasis added.)

At the Sovereign Grace church plant I attended on Sunday, I was reminded, "we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us." (2 Corinthians 4:7. NKJV.) I am just a "vessel" and it is the "treasure" that is important and makes all the difference in the world!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:21, Luke 12:34)

God and Christ Jesus are my "treasure". My heart lies with them (Psalm 119:10).

For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. (Romans 6:23. ESV.)

Perché il salario del peccato è la morte, ma il dono gratuito di Dio è la vita eterna in Cristo Gesù nostro Signore. (Romani 6:23).

Porque la paga del pecado es muerte, mas la dádiva de Dios es vida eterna en Cristo Jesús Señor nuestro. (Romanos 6:23).

Бо адплата за грэх ёсць смерць, а дар Божы жыццё вечная ў Хрысьце Ісусе, Госпадзе нашым. (Рымлянаў 6:23).

Ибо возмездие за грех есть смерть, а дар Божий жизнь вечная во Христе Иисусе, Господе нашем. (Римлянам 6:23.)

För syndens lön är döden, men Guds gåva är evigt liv i Kristus Jesus, vår Herre. (Romarbrevet 6:23).

Car le salaire du péché c'est la mort, mais le don gratuit de Dieu c'est la vie éternelle en Jésus Christ notre Seigneur. (Romains 6:23).

برای مزد گناه مرگ است ، اما هدیه رایگان خدا حیات جاودانی در خداوند ما عیسی مسیح. (رومیان 6:23).

لأجرة الخطيئة هي الموت ، ولكن هدية مجانية من الله فهي حياة أبدية في المسيح يسوع ربنا. (رومية 06:23).

Համար աշխատավարձը մեղքի հավասար է մահվան, բայց ազատ պարգեւը Աստծո հավերժական կյանքի Քրիստոս Յիսուս մեր Տիրոջ. (Հռովմայեցիս 6:23.)

Защото заплатата на греха е смърт, а дарбата от Бога е вечен живот в Христа Исуса, нашия Господ. (Римляни 6:23.)

罪から来る報酬は死ですが、神のイエスキリスト私たちの主で永遠の命です無料プレゼント。 (ローマの午前6時23分)。

For syndens lønn er døden, men den frie Guds nådegave er evig liv i Kristus Jesus, vår Herre. (Romerne 6:23.)

Para sa mga kabayaran ng kasalanan ay kamatayan, ngunit ang libreng kaloob ng Diyos ay buhay na walang hanggan kay Cristo Jesus aming Panginoon. (Roma 6:23.)

對於工資罪是死的,但自由的恩賜,上帝是永恆的生命在基督耶穌我們的主。 (羅馬書 6:23)。

Denn der Lohn der Sünde ist der Tod, sondern das freie Geschenk Gottes ist das ewige Leben in Christus Jesus, unserem Herrn. (Römer 6,23).

पाप की मजदूरी तो मृत्यु है, लेकिन मुफ्त उपहार परमेश्वर हमारे प्रभु मसीह यीशु में अनन्त जीवन है. (रोम 6:23.)
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