Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Worship and Doctrine

"Doctrine provides a right understanding of God's person and character. At its core, worship involves a response to God's self-disclosure. However, we can only respond rightly to God if our perception of him is true. Sound doctrine shapes in us a true vision of God, and curbs our sinful tendency to accommodate our view of God to our own self-interests.

"Imagine that a man living in conscious, willful, unrepentant immorality walks into a church. He gets caught up in the melodious sounds of the voices and instruments, and thinks, 'I'm really alright with God. God loves me, and I love him, too.' Then he leaves and continues to pursue his immorality unabated.

"Has that man worshiped the true and living God? Absolutely not. He has simply worshiped a god of his own making, a god who winks at sin, a god who is not holy. This man came to church, and sang worship songs, and felt good, but he worshiped a false god...and one which looks suspiciously like himself.

"To grow in our worship of God, we must first grow in our knowledge of God. Far from intruding into worship, sound doctrine makes true worship possible.

"Doctrine enables us to respond appropriately to God."

~ Jeff Purswell
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