Thursday, September 16, 2010

Christianity Explored

The congregation I attend is getting ready to start a study called "Christianity Explored". The website for this course is located at It sounds fantastic and I wanted to share it with anyone interested. According to the website,

"Christianity Explored is an informal course for people who'd like to investigate Christianity, or just brush up on the basics. It explores who Jesus was, what his aims were, and what it means to follow him."

Kevin DeYoung (The Gospel Coalition) gave his recommendation which says (in part),
"If you are looking for an evangelism program to use in your church, I strongly urge you to consider Christianity Explored. Although there are several good programs out there, we decided to go with CE several years ago. We appreciate that the CE videos go through a book of the Bible (Mark) and does not skip over the doctrine of sin."

Further, DeYoung conducted an interview with an elder from his own church, Bruce Jeffries, who said,
"All 10 video presentations include all the three main content areas: 1. Jesus His Identity, 2. His Mission, 3. His Calling. The earlier sessions focus on who Jesus is, then they transition to His death and resurrection and end with His rightful claim on your life. As you know Mark is used to look at Jesus."

Exploró el cristianismo es un curso no formal para los que le gustaría investigar el cristianismo, o simplemente repasar los conceptos básicos. Explora quién era Jesús, lo que sus objetivos eran, y lo que significa que lo siguiera.

Esplorazione cristianesimo è un corso informale per chi desideri approfondire il cristianesimo, o semplicemente rispolverare le nozioni di base. Essa esplora chi era Gesù, quello che i suoi obiettivi erano, e cosa significa per seguirlo.

Christianisme exploré est un cours structuré pour les personnes qui souhaiterions effectuer des recherches christianisme, ou simplement rafraîchir les bases. Il explore qui était Jésus, ce que ses objectifs étaient, et ce que cela signifie de le suivre.



Разведанные христианство является неофициальным курс для людей, которые хотели бы исследовать христианство, или просто освежить в основах. В нем рассказывается, кто такой Иисус, что его цели были, и что это значит следовать за ним.

استكشفت المسيحية هو بالطبع غير الرسمية للأشخاص الذين ترغب في التحقيق في المسيحية ، أو حتى فرشاة فقط على الأساسيات. ويستكشف الذي كان يسوع ، ما هي أهدافه و، وماذا يعني أن يتبعه.
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