Monday, September 13, 2010

How To Be An Atheist

How To Be An Atheist
(Youthguy: Carl Jones), I offer up my opinion on what makes a good atheist. I hope you will read it in the spirit it is intended. So here we go- how to be an atheist... (Go to this post to see points).

Many atheists consider themselves to be intellectuals, above all the "hocus-pocus" of religion. Consider this intellectual perspective. Have you ever witnessed child birth? Have you ever picked a ripe apple from a tree and tasted its amazing flavor? Have you ever looked into the Grand Canyon or out at the waves on the ocean, or thought about the precision complexity of the human body? If you can consider these things and still think all of it happened by accident, then you may have what it takes to be an atheist. But consider this- if you are right and there is no god, then I look foolish, and neither of us have lost anything. But if I am right, and God created the world and sacrificed His only Son so that we might spend eternity with Him, then there is much to gain through seeking God- and much to lose by choosing to ignore His presence. If all of that sounds like a case for God, then why don't you look into Jesus?

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