Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pray the Bible

After receiving an email, I became interested in learning more about Matthew Henry's Method for Prayer website. What is "Method for Prayer"? The site states the following:

The aim of the online publication of this “old-made-new” monograph is to assist and encourage modern Christians in both public and private prayer. Surely we all recognize that the Church of our day, at least in the West, is weak in the way of prayer. Few of us, perhaps, understand what prayer really is. We do not pray often. We do not pray with scriptural proportion, nor does our prayer much reflect the language and thought of the Bible. We do not pray fervently. Although we claim otherwise, maybe we really do not believe in prayer!

As someone who needs all the encouragement one can get in the field of prayer, I am very excited to view Henry's information further... and I thought I would pass the link along as well.
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