Thursday, September 16, 2010

Would You Drink It?

I believe it was John Piper who brought my attention to fellow blogger Dustin over at his site "His Peace Upon Us" where he posts for both Christians and Muslims. Very interesting reading, by the way, if I do say so. A couple of articles I have read and wanted to share from "His Peace Upon Us" are:

Would You Drink It?

Most people I know (me included) underestimate the seriousness of sin. “Sin isn’t that bad, and besides, I don’t sin that much.” We fail to recognize that God is holy and therefore any sin is an offense against him. Since he is infinitely holy any sin (no matter how little) is infinitely offensive.

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Christian Janitor Dies to Save Muslims

“A clash of civilizations.” That’s how many in the media and in politics describe the relationship between Muslims and Christians. This popular narrative, however, does not capture the full story. Yes, there is a faction of Islam that is hostile and even aggressively violent toward the West. And there are some Christians who ignorantly scrawl Bible versus on the gun barrels of their tanks. But there are also people like Pervaiz Masih.... [who] represents what happens when Christians take seriously their calling to love their neighbors–even when those neighbors are Muslim.

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