Thursday, October 07, 2010

It Is All About Jesus

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13. ESV. And Jesus is the prime example of sacrifice for friends and enemies alike.)

I can always tell when my focus becomes diverted from the cross. An unsettling feeling of discontentment, restlessness, and at times even discouragement washes over me and leaves a bad after taste in its wake…a sense of ickyness (if that is even such a word).

Sometimes I am distracted so gradually and long enough that it is not until someone else nudges me, (figuratively speaking) and my attention is drawn to it, that I realize I need to get my eyes fixed back on the cross.

Jesus was an amazing man. He was perfect and without sin. He did not have a log in His own eye that first had to be removed so He was skilled, wise, and capable enough to rebuke anyone (even priests and Pharisees) at any time. I was reminded of this as I stood in the Christian bookstore searching for a gift for my dad's birthday. As I scanned the audio book section (which contained fantastic books on CD like RESPECTABLE SINS by Jerry Bridges and CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan) I spotted John MacArthur's THE JESUS YOU CAN’T IGNORE. I read the back which made me recall Jesus was not only a gentle lamb, compassionate and tenderhearted, but also a lion. Not only did He tell it like it is, preach against sin, and educate individuals regarding what the Father demands and expects...He also wept for His friend Lazarus. Further this man, His love and obedience for the Father, and His sacrifice of drinking the cup of wrath (until it was finished) in my place (because of my sin), is where my attention should be and remain.

It took reading a friend (my former youth pastor)'s blog to refresh my memory of who and what is most important so my thoughts and focal point can be clear. (Thanks Carl!) When I get discouraged or God knows I need a refresher, I love how He provides the inspiration.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1. ESV.)

I may not comprehend what God has ordained or why but as a dear sister in Christ encouraged, I should continue doing as God has lead my heart until He directs me differently...for His glory.

Jesus covers us in all aspects of life. In the thought provoking book SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME, Denver Moore puts it like this,
"There's something I learned from being homeless: Our limitation is God's opportunity. When you get all the way to the end of your rope and there ain't nothing you can do, that's when God takes over. I remember one time I was hunkered down in the hobo jungle with some folks. We was talkin 'bout life, and this fella was talkin, said, 'People think they're in control, but they ain't. The truth is, that which must befall thee must befall thee. And that which must pass thee by must pass thee by.'

"You'd be surprised what you can learn talkin to homeless people. I learned to accept life for what it is....Sometimes to touch us, God touches someone that is close to us. This is what opens our eyes to the fact there is a higher power than ourselves, whether we call it God or not.

Jesus: Name above all names.

العربية: عيسى
Česky: Ježíš Kristus
Deutsch: Jesus Christus
English: Jesus Christ
Español: Jesucristo
Euskara: Jesukristo
Français : Jésus Christ
Gaeilge: Íosa Críost
עברית: ישו הנוצרי
Italiano: Gesù Cristo
ქართული: იესო ქრისტე
한국어: 예수
Latviešu: Jēzus Kristus
Македонски: Исус Христос
Nederlands: Jezus Christus
Polski: Jezus Chrystus, założyciel chrześcijaństwa
Português: Jesus Cristo foi um líder religioso da Judéia e é a figura central do Cristianismo.
Русский: Иисус Христос
Slovenščina: Jezus Kristus, osrednji lik krščanstva.
Shqip: Jezu Krishti
Українська: Ісус Христос
Magyar: Jézus Krisztus
Suomi: Jeesus Kristus
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