Thursday, October 07, 2010

Praying for Michael Douglas and Family

Heavenly Father,

We love you so very much. I bring Michael Douglas, his family, and countless others who are battling cancer to the foot of your throne as they walk through this tribulation. I know very little about all that is involved in this fight and I thank you for books written by people who have experienced the emotions and trials so I can be more empathetic and try to understand them myself though I know it is only a small taste.

I pray for a cure, Lord. Please give our doctors and scientists the wisdom to discover and develop a medicine or procedure that will wipe out cancer, heal bodies, and keep us strong and healthy. You, of course, are the Great Physician and I beseech your mercy.

Thank you for the blessings of life, family, faith, hope, and love. It is my heart's desire that no one will lose hope or faith...especially faith in You. Please give families and loved ones peace that surpasses all understanding. Please unite us that the suffering and heartache of those with cancer will never be for nothing.

Please forgive me for any utterances that come across as offensive. I beg You to wipe away every tear from our eyes that there shall be no more morning, crying, pain, nor death (Revelation 21:4). I greatly appreciate the opportunity, because of Christ Jesus, to come before you and ask of these things. All honor and glory are Yours.

In Jesus name I pray,
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