Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shout Out: Part Two

I have two groups to "Shout Out" to today. #1 a continuation of yesterday's post of repeated visitors and #2 The Goose Tribe.

Thank you to the following readers for being reoccurring guests to my blog and leaving comment love. I really enjoy when you come by.

Sunny Side Up is a Stay-At-Home-Mom of one little guy and a mommy to 3 pets. She is a Believer in 1 amazing God and her blog is about "Seeking to be a Proverbs 31 Woman".

Emily's site "Scribbles from Emily" has a beautiful layout. She says she has been scribbling since before she could walk...everything was a blank canvas to her. As she grew up, she started writing in diaries, and now, she tries to combine events in her life and her thoughts in such a way to hopefully be a blessing. She chose 2 Corinthians 4:7, because she knows that in and of herself, she's just a lump of clay. But with Christ, The Master Potter, He can make something beautiful of her life. She's just a jar of clay that's willing to be used for God's glory!

Olawunmi - Olawunmi's is a faith based blog about life. Olawunmi states, "I have only one thing to say, a life without God is absolutely a waste of time and a complete deprivation!" Olawunmi also shares "10 Things I am Learning" with number one being, "Pleasing God is the most Important and should always be the first point to note in every situation."

There are a few others I would like to thank however I do not have a link to their individual blogs so I will have to resign myself to only being able to mention their names (as listed on their profile):

The Wassell's
Love USA
Audrey Ayers
Rayn Tayone
Joyful Journey
Rebekah Holman

(If you eight would like to add a link to your blog PLEASE feel free to do so in the comments section! Thanks!)

The following "shout out" is to all the ladies in the "Goose Tribe" over at the "The Secret's in the Sauce" website. Thank you for your links, visits, and comment love!

Homeschooling 911 is devoted to home education. She has a series which goes over various Teaching Methods. And, has been a homeschooling mother since 1990 which means she has a lot of information to share!

Donna Perugini is a children's book author who specializes in teaching children the Word of God by ‘cutting it into bite-sized’ pieces in her story books. Her site also features coloring pages and will soon offer free children's music to her subscribers!

Jenn is the cool mama behind The Coolest Family on the Block! Jenn is a 30 year old Christian wife and a stay-at-home mom to a 1 year old girl and 6 year old "furbaby". She is trying to go green, organic, vegetarian, and possibly crazy. She's just beginning her blogging journey, but has got plenty to share!

Mommy Ramblings is maintained by Jules; a young mama who just began her homeshooling journey. She also makes hairbows and loves photography!

Kelly spends her days counting her blessings and sharing them with us at
God Bless Kelly's Home. She also posts about family outtings and includes photos.

Kristy writes about soaking up God's lessons at Learning as They Grow. And, she does a "Physical Friday" series to encourage intimacy in marriage.

Missy writes about her life, her beliefs, her faith and how she views the world at Are you there God? It's Me. Missy is a child of God and a sister in Christ. She's a homeschooling, cloth diapering momma, who discusses everything; parenting and motherhood, coupons and recipes, religion and spirituality, saving money, and autism. Through all of that, she is seeking to find God in the everyday moments of her life.

At Mommy Bee Wisdom you'll find "The stuff you ought to know! Tidbits of information for Mommies, from a Mommy. The particulars of getting by, and doing it with style!"

Over at Mom Improvement Shannon's mission is "to encourage 'Mom-Improvement'”. She's a homeschooling mom and web designer who blogs about making changes, becoming more fit, and learning to be more patient. She organizes her days and cultivates a strong learning environment for her children. Further, she's against "big government", so you’ll find the occasional political post on her blog. She enjoys scrapbooking, skiing, traveling, and shopping. She is an agnostic, libertarian, individualist in favor of capitalism, hands-off government, and the separation of school and state.

Home School Mom's World is a sponsorship based site that posts banners/links/advertisements from which they receive a commission. Readers are under NO pressure to purchase anything. They want to provide the reader with solid home schooling resources without charge. Opinions about a product or service will never be “bought” just because the commission may be high for a product. If Home School Mom's World posts an advertisement it’s because they have thoroughly researched and used the products/services themselves. They state they will NEVER post something that has not been tried and tested by them.
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