Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Unknown and Theories

There are a few areas in following Christ where I do not quite know what to think... and perhaps I will never know this side of heaven. This does not mean I doubt my faith or God's word, rather I just have not studied them out enough or perhaps it is (and will continue to be) a mystery to man (who is not all knowing nor the creator of these things). These include:

1. The age of innocence. Until what age is man covered until he or she begins to be held responsible? In the old testament (with the promised land) it was age twenty. Does that apply to the new covenant as well?

2. Whether or not animals have a soul and what happens to them when they die. Apart from their bodies returning to the earth as ours do, do they possess a spirit since God breathed life into them? They are not made in His image and they mainly (if not completely) live by instinct. Do they sin? They do not suffer an eternity in hell. So, what happens to them exactly? Because, I cannot imagine an eternity without man's best friend... the companion God created at the beginning (Genesis 1:24-31 & 2:18-20).

3. When did dinosaurs roam the earth and why are they extinct? Was it a meteor that hit the earth and covered it with a blanket of toxins that filled the air, blocked the sun, and caused the dinosaurs to parish? Or, did they get wiped out in the flood just like every other living thing? They are not mentioned in Eden, but remains were found on most (if not all) of the seven continents. (I do have possession of a book by a Christian Scientist though so I will be getting some questions answered.)

4. Do UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects) exist in the context of visitors from outer space? Even scientists do not agree on this. There is all that "space" out there but no other planet we know about is able to sustain life. And if there are other lifeforms out there, why are they not mentioned in God's word (or referenced in some manner that lets the reader know they are "space individuals") and why do they not contact country/territory leaders instead of just the average "Joe"?

Certainly I am not the only one who ponders these things and today author Randy Alcorn addresses this on his website.

How should Christians respond to UFOs and other unexplainable phenomena?
(Eternal Perspective Ministries: Randy Alcorn)

Do paranormal things happen to people? Yes, they do sometimes. Is it sometimes demons? Is it sometimes righteous angels? Probably. Is it sometimes because people are on drugs? Or on medication? Is it sometimes a dream? Someone’s imagination? “Yes” is the answer to all these things.

Yet in the end, if it were announced there was a discovery that there were aliens in some corner of the universe who made contact with us, would it in any way undermine my faith in God’s Word? No, it would not. I would just think, Oh, apparently God did not tell us in His Word.

How should Christians respond to theories of UFOs and other unexplainable phenomena? from Randy Alcorn on Vimeo.

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