Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Let me begin by saying, I am not here to define what makes a person "good" or "bad". I am certain each human being already has that reconciled in his or her own mind.

I think it is safe to say this is a common question among those who believe in God and His Son Christ Jesus and those who do not, alike.

Why do terrible things take place in the lives of individuals? I wish I had the wisdom required to address the WHY but being I do not I would like, instead, to offer a couple observances.

I recently read a statement I feel gets the mind thinking. (A little background first: author Denver Moore grew up as a “modern day slave” on plantations in the south. He then lived on the streets of Fort Worth, Texas and frequented a mission where a high income couple volunteered. The following statement is made by Denver Moore to the man who served at the mission in the wake of an overwhelming emotional loss.)

In the book SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME Denver Moore addresses the suffering of a “saint” by writing, “Well, let me tell you something: God calls some good ones…home so He can accomplish His purposes down here on earth….

“I ain’t sayin God can’t use the bums and the addicts to work His will down here – He’s God, and He can sure ‘nough do anything He wants. I’m just telling you He sometimes needs to call the good ones home to bring glory to His name.”

Emotions Run Deep

If an evil or unjust act occurs to a party who is deemed as criminal or hurtful toward others, does it affect those involved the same as if the victim was honorable? And how does society respond?

Example #1: I had the pleasure of meeting a lovely family who lost one of the parents to cancer. The children are now adults and one day one of them said to me, “It’s just a sin. Why her? She’s was a good person. There are plenty of bad (criminals) people around. It’s a sin.”

Example #2: I personally know a lovely woman with a beautiful heart who is suffering from cancer. It is difficult to wrap my head around why she deserves such pain and affliction. She has not and would never harm a fly. She is so gentle, kind, and considerate. I love her dearly and cannot help but ask God, “Why her?”

When 9/11 took place it stirred up emotions and provoked unity. Is it safe to say when awful events happen it causes empathy, compassion, and desire in the heart of spectators (and those the offense was directly against) to react?

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD
. (Isaiah 55:8. ESV.)
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