Thursday, January 13, 2011

All Things Jesus: A City Set Upon a Hill

As God would have it, yesterday's dose of Spurgeon from MORNING AND EVENING DAILY READING said it perfectly.  My thoughts (so inadequate) stated eloquently by him:  
A Christian is not to be a village in a valley, but "a city set upon a hill;" he is not to be a candle under a bushel, but a candle in a candlestick, giving light to all....From the hidden springs within let sweetly flowing rivulets of testimony flow forth, giving drink to every passer-by. Hide not thy talent; trade with it; and thou shalt bring in good interest to thy Lord and Master.

To speak for God will be refreshing to ourselves, cheering to saints, useful to sinners, and honouring to the Saviour.

The Goal of Matthew 5:6 (for Women) in 2011

After much thought, some goals for this site have been placed upon my heart for the new year.

1.  I have decided to join "The Jesus Revolution".  If you are not quite sure what that is and are interested, please click here to find out.

2.  It is my heart's desire to make this site the (for lack of a better description) one stop shop for all things Jesus.  What does that mean?  I'm not quite sure, yet, but I'll keep you posted as it becomes clear to me.  But, there will be changes... Yes I used the dreaded word "changes"!  I hope and pray these will be for the better (and not at all for the worse) but we shall see.

The Wellspring of Life

I do not want to make Jesus a stick with which I hit people over the head.  Rather, I wish for Jesus to be a refreshing, soothing, comforting, hydrating, revitalizing drink of water I offer in a Southern hospitality fashion.  (I was raised in the South.)

And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who desires take the water of life without price.  (Revelation 22:17. ESV.)

I close with this quote from Spurgeon, 
Beloved reader, what is thy desperate case? What heavy matter hast thou in hand this evening? Bring it hither. The God of the prophets lives, and lives to help His saints. He will not suffer thee to lack any good thing.

Believe thou in the Lord of hosts! Approach Him pleading the name of Jesus, and the iron shall swim; thou too shalt see the finger of God working marvels for His people. According to thy faith be it unto thee, and yet again the iron shall swim.
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