Sunday, January 23, 2011

In Christ

I was watching Pastor Mark Driscoll's podcast "Trial: Humble Christians", on which he poses an excellent question.  He asks, "Are you in Christ?  Not in morality.  Not in spirituality.  Not in religion.  In Christ."  As he goes on to detail what each of those means, I feel it becomes clear enough for one to categorize him or herself (if desired).  For example, prior to 2006 I would definitely say I was "in morality" and/or "in religion" (though I did have love for my God and Savor in my heart).  I was (however) mistaken about God's character and did not truly know Him or Christ.  I had an unbiblical relationship with Him during which time I was disobedient and convinced myself God loved me no matter what foolishness and sin I got into.  The God of the New Testament is the God of the Old Testament.  The only difference?  Grace, mercy, and forgiveness because of Christ.

Pastor Mark Driscoll also states the "humble verses the humble agree to disagree, agreeably", with which I totally concur!  Prideful individuals duking it out is neither pretty nor Christ-like.  It's ugly sin and shameful.  Lord, please keep me humble, ALWAYS!  I pray that satan and his tricks will not devour me and lead me to believe I am in any sort of a position to confront, correct, criticize, and/or judge others.  Encourage, yes... scold and rebuke, no.  That, in my opinion, is for the leaders, teachers, and pastors...which, of course, I am not.

He also discusses maturity.  I consistently thought age was the deciding factor... that younger women should look to their elders for guidance and instruction.  Pastor Mark, however reminds me there are new believers (feeding on the milk and not quite ready for solids) and a progression (like the physical one) to maturity.  In which case the more inexperienced follower of Christ seeks the counsel of the experienced.  Why did I not think of that?  My thoughts were limited.

I am so thankful I may remain close to God.  The trials and challenges are a bear but I want to be like Christ.  I love that I can ask for anything and receive abundant blessings.  I am grateful for amazing grace by faith.  Yes, it is hard to understand why God has ordained what He has but then I remember, I am a "child" and currently unable to comprehend "adult" ways and why my Father thinks and behaves the way He does... until one day I will... (just as I did with my worldly parents).

Until then I will remain in Christ.

21 For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.  (Philippians 1:21. ESV.)
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