Friday, January 21, 2011

Jesus' College: Had It Not Been for the Love of Jesus

The following quote comes from my (currently) favorite message by Spurgeon.  He states,
[M]any can bring the Scriptures to the mind, but the Lord alone can prepare the mind to receive the Scriptures. Our Lord Jesus differs from all other teachers; they reach the ear, but He instructs the heart; they deal with the outward letter, but He imparts an inward taste for the truth, by which we perceive its savour and spirit. The most unlearned of men become ripe scholars in the school of grace when the Lord Jesus by His Holy Spirit unfolds the mysteries of the kingdom to them, and grants the divine anointing by which they are enabled to behold the invisible. Happy are we if we have had our understandings cleared and strengthened by the Master! How many men of profound learning are ignorant of eternal things! They know the killing letter of revelation, but its killing spirit they cannot discern; they have a veil upon their hearts which the eyes of carnal reason cannot penetrate.

Such was our case a little time ago; we who now see were once utterly blind; truth was to us as beauty in the dark, a thing unnoticed and neglected. Had it not been for the love of Jesus we should have remained to this moment in utter ignorance, for without His gracious opening of our understanding, we could no more have attained to spiritual knowledge than an infant can climb the Pyramids, or an ostrich fly up to the stars. Jesus' College is the only one in which God's truth can be really learned; other schools may teach us what is to be believed, but Christ's alone can show us how to believe it. Let us sit at the feet of Jesus, and by earnest prayer call in His blessed aid that our dull wits may grow brighter, and our feeble understandings may receive heavenly things.

Last night I watched the 2010 movie, "Julie and Julia" about master cook Julia Childs and a gal who decided to cook through one of Ms. Childs' cookbooks and blog about it.  I cannot help but wonder what drew so many readers to her blog?  Was it the concept, the content, the execution?  What?  And why are we as human beings so attracted to some things and repelled by others?  Are we pulled in by fantasy or reality?  Do we appreciate the struggles of another or flee to mind numbing fiction in an effort to escape any stress life might throw our direction?

Today someone shared I Thessalonians 2:8 and I thought it so lovely I want to pass it along.  It says,
Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well. (NIV)
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