Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jesus Will Not Let His People Forget His Love

Here I sit at the park waiting for the kiddos to finish exercising.  Had I remembered my phone I would have texted friends to bring their children to the park as well so we could fellowship while they play.  Instead, today's Spurgeon has left me with some beautiful thoughts on which to meditate.  The first section stated, 
However difficult and painful thy road, it is marked by the footsteps of thy Saviour; and even when thou reachest the dark valley of the shadow of death, and the deep waters of the swelling Jordan, thou wilt find His footprints there.

In all places whithersoever we go, He has been our forerunner; each burden we have to carry, has once been laid on the shoulders of Immanuel. "His way was much rougher and darker than mine. Did Christ, my Lord, suffer, and shall I repine?"

Take courage! Royal feet have left a blood-red track upon the road, and consecrated the thorny path for ever.

The second section reads, 
Jesus will not let His people forget His love. If all the love they have enjoyed should be forgotten, He will visit them with fresh love. "Do you forget my cross?" says He, "I will cause you to remember it; for at My table I will manifest Myself anew to you. Do you forget what I did for you in the council-chamber of eternity? I will remind you of it, for you shall need a counsellor, and shall find Me ready at your call." Mothers do not let their children forget them. If the boy has gone to Australia, and does not write home, his mother writes - "Has John forgotten his mother?" Then there comes back a sweet epistle, which proves that the gentle reminder was not in vain. So is it with Jesus, He says to us, "Remember Me," and our response is, "We will remember Thy love."

I love the part about mothers not letting their children forget them (to illustrate Jesus' love for us)...and the bit regarding the footsteps of the Saviour before us no matter how difficult the path.  It helps me understand those aspects of His love...and there is just so much to know about God, His character, His (revealed) will, His Son, and the Holy Spirit!  So much so I find it almost mind blowing at times.
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