Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday Drive to San Francisco

A gray, overcast, foggy blanket lingered around my home as we set out for the city, yesterday. I generally do not make the trip unless we have family/friends visiting however Sundays are going to be our day in the city...with yesterday being the first. Patches of rain dusted the windshield as we carried on our adventure. The GPS stated it was going to be one hour and fifteen minutes until we arrived at our destination. That is actually fifteen minutes less than I anticipated. Gloomy clouds broke open to reveal blue sky as we crossed the Bay Bridge and headed toward the Golden Gate Bridge.

There is something quaint and intriguing about San Francisco. Alcatraz can be clearly seen while crossing the Bay Bridge and welcomes visitors. Fisherman’s Warf and Pier 39 beckon to guests while Ghirardelli Square adds a splash of sweetness. Trolleys buzz over the hilly terrain as cable cars work the grid.

Unsure if we were going to love worship service in San Francisco enough to call this new church our home, I tried to keep my mind open to all the Lord wanted to show me. My biggest concern was if the children were going to feel comfortable enough. But, God is so good...(as if I could forget such a thing)!

Truth be known, there were four churches of interest with the top two being sister churches. Both were the same distance away and a commute of one hour and fifteen minutes each direction. Though San Fran was the location to which we went, as God would have it, the pastor giving the message turned out to be the one from the sister church. So, we got to taste and see a bit of both. Thank you, Lord! We sang one of my favorite praise songs ("Jesus My Only Hope"); everyone was genuinely joyful, kind, and hospitable; it is a new church so there are many just getting started there; the drive was peaceful and pleasant as we rocked out to praise music; and the kiddos are eager to go back! They said they really enjoyed it! Again, thank you, Lord!

Also, another interesting fact was in 2008 my family and I drove across country. Our first overnight was spent in Phoenix, AZ and the following day we attended church in Gilbert. The pastor of the San Francisco church (and his family) were at the one in Gilbert at the same time. He was doing his internship there for seven months and they too had just made a trip across the country from Maryland. I thought that was a fun coincidence.
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