Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Bride, Many Congregations

As someone who was recently in search of a new church home, I agree it can be difficult. Thankfully, there is a ministry I really like and look for (their church plants) wherever I travel. (This works for me however I understand it is not for everyone.) One lady, Ms. Mentanna Campbell, has written a letter to "the church" to express how she feels during this process.

An Open Letter to American Churches
(by Mentanna Campbell)

i am looking for a church. i'm already a believer so i'm an easy catch. you don't have to convince me that God exists or that it is important to come to church regularly. i'm even one of those in the 20 percentile who will be actively engaged, eager to serve in my giftedness. i really want to find a church home and soon but i confess this search has been harder than i expected.

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