Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Featured Writer: Heidi (Wonder Woman Wannabe)

When I first started hanging out over at the "The Secret's in the Sauce" (a.k.a. SITS or "The Secret to Success is Support") site (to which there is a link in the right sidebar of this blog), Heidi was welcoming and engaging. She is located in Minneapolis, MN which brought up a common subject for discussion: John Piper (who, as you well know, I REALLY like as a teacher). In addition to her blog, Heidi can also be found on Twitter.

It is to my great delight that I get to feature Heidi here today! Thank you so much, Heidi, for giving me permission to highlight your writing (and encouraging words)!

"Self-pity is sinful because
it shows that we love circumstances
over our relationship with God."

~Cory Wessman
from his post: Fighting Anger with Faith

Though Cory's current walk of life is so different from my own, the wisdom of this revelation that his personal circumstances brought him to really caused me to pause and consider how this truth relates to my own path.

How often do we relate our happiness, contentedness, and over-all attitudes to our circumstances?

Our contentedness and longings are only truly met when filled with the Father. How easy it is to be tempted away from our first love in our own selfish interests and desires.

Today, there are in things in my life that are not as I'd like them. I feel 'stuck' in a place I don't want to be. I try reassuring myself that 'it'll be better when______ or once that person does______ I'll feel better about_______ etc. etc.

Like a tantrum prone toddler,
I kick and scream wanting only wanting MY OWN way rather than focusing on THE WAY, the truth and the life. This temporary life is only about refining me. My circumstances do not exist to define me - but only serve to make me more like HIM.

How can I break out of this cell of SELF?

Continually reminding myself I BELONG TO HIM.

Rather than getting caught on the bumps in road right in front of me, I pray to consider more, the final destination.

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(Profile picture and all material (c) by Heidi (Wonder Woman Wannabe) is published here with permission.)
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