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Friday Featured Writer: Kevin Weatherby

I am so excited to introduce you to today's "Featured Writer", the author of the book THE GREAT COW-MISSION! I met Mr. Kevin Weatherby on Twitter but when he did a guest post on Carl's "I'd Laugh...but All This Happened to Me!" blog I knew I absolutely had to highlight his fantastic writing here! Below is a post from Kevin's blog "Campfire Cowboy Ministries" however, I also HIGHLY recommend his "guest post" entitled "Encounters with God"!!!

The Greatest Cowboy Alive
by KEVIN on MAY 17, 2011

One day in a bar, a man was braggin’ about how tough he was. He boasted of his strength over man and beast and how he was a man’s man if there ever was one. A cowgirl who was standing close by said, “The toughest men I ever saw were cowboys and you couldn’t hold a candle to them.”

The man made a bet with the whole bar that he would become the greatest cowboy there ever was and prove once and for all that he was the greatest man alive.

He went to a cowboy he’d often seen having coffee at a local cafe every morning. He asked the cowboy what he must do in order to become the greatest cowboy.

The old cowboy was thoughtful for a moment and then said, “In order to become the greatest cowboy ever, I reckon you’ll have to learn the way of the rope, the way of the horse, and the way of life. If you can become the best at all three of these, you’ll be the greatest cowboy every.”

The man left and went straight to the feed store where he bought a rope. He signed up for roping lessons and devoted all of his time and energy to learning the way of the rope.

Years later, the man was winning rodeo after rodeo in the steer trippin’, calf ropin’, and team ropin’. He impressed old and young alike with his skills with a rope. Finally, after winning the world championship in all three events, he decided that he had learned the way of the rope.

He then set out on the next leg of his journey. He found a cowboy that trained horses and studied under him for years. He learned how to halter break, train the horse to ride, and even beyond that. His horses became known as the best horses around and people came to him with all their horses.

Finally, he had learned to break every type of horse there was and was world renowned. He had finally learned the way of the horse and become the best in the world.

On his last task, he took all the money from his ropin’ success and combined it with all the money from his training and bought the biggest ranch in the United States. He stocked it with the best cattle that money could buy and only had top quality horses. His ranch was featured in Western Horsemen, American Cowboy, and there was even a story about all his success in the Wall Street Journal. They called him “The Greatest Cowboy Alive”.

With this new title, he went back to the little cafe and found the same old cowboy sitting at the same old table in the same old chair. But to his surprise, there with the old cowboy, was the cowgirl that had first made the challenge to him in the bar all those years ago.

The man swaggered up to the table and threw down a copy of the paper in front of both of them and smiled at her as he said, “I told you that I was the toughest, greatest man alive. I have conquered everything that this cowboy said I had to do to become the greatest cowboy alive.”

The old cowboy sipped his coffee as he read the article. After a minute he looked up and asked, “What did the way of the rope teach you?”

“That there is nothing that walks on legs or crawls on a belly that I cannot rope!”

The cowboy nodded his head and asked again, “What did the way of the horse teach you?”

“That there is no horse alive that I cannot make do what I want them to!”

The cowboy looked thoughtfully and finally asked, “What did the way of the cowboy life teach you?”

“That I have the biggest, best ranch in the United States and on this ranch is the best cattle and best horses that you’ve ever seen!”

“Well,” the cowboy said, “I guess that settles it.”

“So you agree that I am the best cowboy that has ever lived?” sneered the man.

“No,” the cowboy said.

“What do you mean ‘No’? I have done everything you said I had to do!” the man said angrily.

“My granddaughter here is more cowboy than you are. Explain it to him honey.”

The girl stood up and said, “We rope things in order to catch them so that we can give the animal medicine or help it in some other way. We learn the way of the horse so that we can give the horse purpose and become a partner with him in order to do our jobs effectively. The cowboy way of life teaches that we are all servants. We tend the herds that feed us. We care for the animals that help us. We protect our land so that it will support us.”

When she sat down she said, “It’s the spirit and the truth that lives inside every true cowboy that determines what he is. Not the things he can or cannot do.”

“But the time is coming-indeed it’s here now-when true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship him that way. For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.” –Jesus of Nazareth (John 4:23-24 NLT)

Thank you SO much Mr. Kevin Weatherby for being today's "Featured Writer"!

(All (c) material was posted here with permission.)
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