Friday, July 01, 2011

Five Dollar Fridays and the Sovereignty of God

Five Dollar Fridays

What is "Five Dollar Fridays" you might ask? It is (in my opinion) a great way to support various ministries and/or missions. For only five dollars, each of us can assist in spreading the Word of God! Does that get you excited? Want to find out more? Then surf on over to "The Worst Preacher's Wife Ever" site and click on "Five Dollar Fridays"!!! "See" you there! P.s. You can also find "The Worst Preacher's Wife Ever", Ms. Weatherby, on Twitter @Mizweatherby.!/page/1

The Sovereignty of God

Are you interested in the topic of God's Sovereignty? If so, may I suggest a series over at the Monergism website called "The Sovereignty of God 17 mp3 Lectures".
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