Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to Get 100 Comments on a Blog Post

I came across a blog post on how to get 100 comments on a single publication and was intrigued.  Would it really work?  So, I decided to try it.  The writer suggests leaving comments on other blogs and those bloggers will leave some comment love in return.  Makes sense so I set a goal of 100! However, given my current daily schedule I was only able to visit, read (yes, I did read each of them), and comment on twenty-five...though I must mention they are FABULOUS and recommend each of them!  They are as follows:    

1.  http://www.donnaperuginichildrensauthor.com
2.  http://www.youthguy07.blogspot.com
3.  http://www.Godblesskellyshome.blogspot.com
4.  http://www.homeschoolmomsworld.com
5.  http://www.newwifememoirs.com
6.  http://www.spottedsmiles.com
7.  http://www.whatbeautifulfeetyouhave.blogspot.com
8.  http://www.coolestfamilyontheblock.com
9.  http://www.bloggingbookshelf.com
10. http://www.learnchangegrow.wordpress.com
11. http://www.homeschool911.com
12. http://www.wonderwomanwannabe.com
13. http://www.mommyramblings.com
14. http://www.kristyblogs.com
15. http://www.mommybeewisdom.com
16. http://www.lonetater.blogspot.com
17. http://www.100routesacrossamerica.com
18. http://www.justapen.wordpress.com
19. http://www.traceepersiko.com
20. http://www.tsmith0095.wordpress.com
21. http://www.theworstpreacherswifeever.com
22. http://www.campfirecowboyministries.com
23. http://www.jasonbhuffman.wordpress.com
24. http://www.theadventurousfluteplayer.blogspot.com
25. http://www.fromrooftops.blogspot.com
(I also want to include http://www.scribblesfromemily.com/ because Emily is a faithful commenter on my blog. Thank you, Emily!)

This comment idea works in theory but I am skeptical since there was a time when I tried to comment on twenty blogs a day however received the rare one back...perhaps 1/4.  Yet, my thought is this...what I really want is more readers even if they do not leave their input. I suppose we shall see how it all pans out. Thank you for reading! :)
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