Thursday, September 29, 2011

Killer Blog Post Ideas (with Survey)

I was reading another blog (which I found on Google+) and the writer had some interesting blog post ideas. One of which was, "Release your own free ebooks". I (obviously) have NEVER thought of that! But what would I write about engaging enough to warrant an ebook? And who would want to read it?! And how long is the average ebook? Are they the same as paperbacks? And, is there a template or program or does one just convert a word file into PDF format? I guess I need to research this further.

Some of the other "Killer Blog Post Ideas" were:

1. Write reviews (books, products, other blogs)
2. List favorite quotes.
3. Create "how to" posts
4. List and link to favorite blogs or websites
5. Release your own free ebooks
6. Make a huge list of something
7. Have guest posts
8. Conduct polls
9. Do a collaborative post (with other bloggers)
10. Compile a list of best niche related jokes.
11. Conduct a survey
12. Create a post of favorite images.
13. Compile a list of frequently asked questions.
14. Write some fiction.

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