Thursday, October 13, 2011

By Whom We Cry, "Abba! Father!"

A life apart from God is like a child continuously returning to an abusive home instead of thriving in a healthy household with a nurturing adoptive parent.

But that is just my opinion.  (And I hope it does not come across the wrong way.)

What does this world offer that attempts to draw me away from Him.  Temptation?  False hope?  Empty promises?  I do not even know anymore, really.  When I loose my focus from the cross what has distracted me?  Stress?  Anxiety? An inconsistency with my daily bible reading?


Children's Bible Study

In an effort to beef up the kiddos' bible study time each morning, I have added a music video first thing---(our favorites are "Not Ashamed of the Gospel" (posted below) and The Go Fish Guys)---and a bible movie last (whether it is from or classics like "Superbook" and "Flying House").  In between is reading scripture (or features from their bibles like points of interest, "Life in Bible Times" blurbs, "People in Bible Times" information), memory verses, and a prayer.

Thankfully they each have love for God and this time we share together is enjoyable (instead of like pulling teeth).

I'm Not Ashamed Worship Song-August from Kids Quest on Vimeo.

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