Thursday, November 03, 2011

With My Whole Heart I Seek You

Have you ever had one of those moments when you thought to yourself, "Wait a minute, what am I doing?"

I had one of those yesterday morning.  I grabbed a dollar, some change, and my purse as I headed for the front door.  Thankfully it was not blustery like the day before (with Gale force winds) but the cool air was sharp and biting as I made my way to my vehicle with my sweater clutched close.  The key turned smoothly and the engine came to life immediately despite it waking from a cold rest overnight.  I was on my way to the local McDonalds.  (We do not have a Target or Walmart within a 30 mile radius but the popular fast food joint is perched on the corner of the main road beckoning travelers to come inside.)

As I paused at a stop sign I suddenly thought to myself, "What am I doing?"  Though completely coherent the entire time all the way up to this point, I had not rationally thought through my coffee run.  Was I really going to spend my last dollar days before pay day on a $1.00 coffee at the drive through window?  Yep.  And I proceeded.  (It is NOT like I feel I NEED coffee in the a.m. but rather, I just like it...a warm beverage that smells so lovely.  Mmmm.  And I was not a coffee fan until 1996, in Singapore, when I was invited to go on a mad dash coffee run with fellow cast members across the city state with only moments before our next show...but that is a story for another time.) ;)

Take Every Thought Captive

So, I could not help but wonder, how much of my life am I spending on automatic pilot?  Auto-pilot can be useful, like when multi-tasking (put one on auto and focus on the other) but it also has some significant cons.

When I was studying dance we did the same barré warm ups every class in Ballet.  Pliés, tondus, degages, ronde de jambes, frappés, grand battments, etc.  I knew it by heart and it was not long before I started executing each exercise with little thought.    My teacher, being a wonderful instructor, noticed and kindly encouraged me to put more effort back into it.

...take every thought captive to obey Christ,  (2 Corinthians 10:5. ESV.)

Every thought.
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