Friday, February 24, 2012

Faith. Hope. Love: Chapter Ten

An ocean of people stood before me as I climbed out of the cab in China Town. I felt as though I could jump from a stage and ride a wave of individuals while being passed over their heads (like I have seen lead singers do). But swimming through this crowd was far from glamorous. We were sardines packaged tightly together. Shoulders, elbows, and other appendages were bumped and brushed while walking Geisha style (with tiny steps) in an effort to get from point “A” to destination “B”. A set of stone steps immerged powerfully on the opposite side of the crowd like an athlete exiting a pool.

The sun had already set, leaving a steamy residue behind. Sweat beaded and slid along the olive surface of my skin leaving a delicate trail of shiny luminance. Light cascaded from street lamps and surrounding buildings as the tide pushed me along. I could not help but laugh out loud and received entertained smiles in agreement. This was madness!

Slowly the current thrust me toward the concrete staircase which beckoned me like sand along a golden beach. I would get there eventually. What did I expect coming to China Town on the eve of Chinese New Year?

Venders offered me their wares as I floated past. “Dragon’s Beard” caught my attention. The merchant extended it like a child stretching putty or a machine pulling taffy until it was light and airy like lengthened cotton. It blew in the slight, warm, humid breeze and looked as though it would melt on my tongue. There were only moments until midnight as I continued to bob along, dazzled by the decorations and very nature of the environment. It was all so enchanting…a fitting finale to my time in Singapore.

Happiness pulsed through my veins as Chinese music danced about me. It was the year of the tiger. (I only remember this because leading up to the holiday I saw plush toys of A.A. Milne’s character “Tigger” dressed in Chinese New Year attire as though ready to celebrate.)

Finally, I climbed the stairs and looked out over the sea of those that swirled below. Anxiety nearly kept me from coming to Singapore months ago. I had no idea what to expect before arriving and never would have imagined all that is this city-state.

Fireworks exploded in the sky above China Town. The air was sweet yet weighed heavily upon me. My heart was afire as cheers filled the atmosphere. Singapore was a dream…one I hope to revisit one day. The orchids bowed their heads as they wished me farewell. “Good-bye for now,” they swayed.

Faith Hope Love: Chapter Ten
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