Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Let's Have Lunch

I'm sure you are busy today but I thought we could have lunch together. I know a great place right on the beach. We can sit outside, watch as the waves swell in the distance, and then hear them as they crash against the shore. There's a smell of sea life in the air and a faint taste of salt on the breeze.

Maybe it's been a while since we've seen each other...or perhaps we have never met before. But here we are.

Table for two, please, out on the deck.

The hostess nods as she grabs two menus and place settings. "Follow me, please," she says.

I hear the shellfish is excellent here, but they also have other delicious dishes if seafood is not your thing.

The air is warm as we push the door open which leads to the patio. It's like a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter morning...comforting and cozy.

How about that table over there?

We each pull out a chair, have a seat, and start perusing the menu. What looks good? Pasta? Fried chicken? Steak? Crab legs? A soup or salad? Everything sounds so tantalizing...I can't decide.

"Would you like to start with an appetizer?" says the server.

None for me, thanks. I do not want to fill up and not finish my entree. How about you?

The server jots it all down then goes to get our drinks. Our attention turns to pelicans diving on the horizon. The birds coast gracefully in the sky before plummeting head first into the water.

There is a dark shadow in the depths! I am instantly reminded why I usually stay out of the ocean. A fin surfaces! The swimmers see it too! I shift in my seat to get a better view. It is a dolphin meandering parallel to the coastline...and a second one is following not too far behind.

We get swept up in conversation as we cover topics important to each of us. Easily we could remain here for hours talking the day away. We are suspended in time as the world around us blurs past. No phones, no email, no interruptions. Just us.

We notice the dishes piling up on the table and I check the time. I'm so sorry, my friend, I have to get going. We settle the bill and I tell you how much I have enjoyed your company. We rise to our feet. I give you a hug.

We'll have to meet up like this, again, sometime. Good-bye for now, my friend.
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