Thursday, February 09, 2012

Stop Doubting and Believe

I Have the Dumb Today

Yesterday, as I was going about my things to do, I did not quite feel 100%. Early this morning, I began feeling worse. So, please forgive me but I cannot brain today.

Mr. Worldly Wiseman and Atheist

Mr. Worldly: How did you come to get your burden in the first place?

Christian: By reading this Book in my hand.

Mr. Worldly: I thought so. It has happened to you as to other weak men who suddenly fall into such distractions by meddling with things too high for them. Those distractions not only strip men of their manliness, as I perceive they have done to you, but also cause them to undertake desperate ventures to obtain things they know nothing about.
(Bunyan, John. THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. Pg. 19.)

Have you ever come across Mr. Worldly Wiseman? Perhaps it was just a brief encounter or maybe he is a constant part of your life (like a boss, family member, or friend)...going on and on about (his believed) foolishness of one being in the word of God. Or, perchance it is Atheist with whom you interact,

Christian: We're going to Mount Zion.

Atheist: (Laughs greatly.)

Christian: What's the meaning of your laughter?

Atheist: I laugh to see what ignorant persons you are to take upon yourselves such an exhausting journey. And yet you're likely to have nothing but your travel for your pains.
(Bunyan, John. THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. Pg. 176.)

Atheist Into Believer

When I was a child or teen, I recall hearing about an older, atheist man (though I cannot remember his name) who stated he had been deemed clinically dead, went to hell for a moment of time, then to heaven briefly, before coming back to life. He said his experience in hell was so horrifying (and heaven so wonderful) he abandoned atheism to become a follower of Christ.

It is stories like this one that spark my interest because, I figure, if a person does not think God or Jesus exists why would he (or she) proclaim to have an encounter with them? Further, if a brush with death is only a state of mind then why would Atheist have God and Christ Jesus on the brain?

"'All the sins and blasphemies of men will be forgiven them.' 'Stop doubting and believe.'" - Evangelist (THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, Mark 3:28, Matthew 12:31.)
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