Friday, March 02, 2012

Expect the Unexpected

You Never Know What You Are Going to Get

One amusing thing about where I live is the day to day may be suddenly interrupted by something completely out of the ordinary. For example, one evening I was driving home and there was a cow in the middle of the road, just hanging out.

Yesterday morning I went to put something in the recycle bin and was greeted by turkeys on my front lawn! (No, I do not live on a ranch...but nor do I live in the city. Er, perhaps I am borderline country mouse.)

And I know better than to mess with a Tom turkey! (A friend of mine (while growing up) lived on a farm and I have to say when you are a young child, a Tom turkey is pretty intimidating!)

So, where did the turkeys go? They meandered through the housing development and I last saw them heading for the park. Later, turkey! :)
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