Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Funnies: It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye

I find Twitter to be a fun site to visit with new and old friends and acquaintances. A week or so ago I heard from someone I have known since high school and he shared the following comical story with me:

I work for a sports complex. The complex hosts a lot of championship events. One event is a Christian college championship.  The client has been coming to the complex now for several years. He is a very kind, easy going person and we go out of our way to please him, not just because it is our job but because he is a good person and is universally well liked. He is also a Christian so we are cognizant to watch our P’s and Q’s around him as not to offend him.
A few years back the event was going to stream the championship in High-Def. We were setting up the scaffolding for the cameras because this was the first year it was going to be streamed in High-Def. While we were setting it up the client would stop by and check in on us see how we were doing and we would ask if we were setting up the scaffolding to his liking. The client has a good sense of humor so we were joking with him as well along with talking about sports.
We had gotten to the point we were unsure of how to set up the scaffolding for the camera operators. We wanted to make sure it did not interfere with High-Def cameras and that the operators felt comfortable on the scaffolding. There were support bars that went across the top that boxed in the top platform that were hanging down because we were not sure which fields they would be used for and which way the operator would access the platform. The client walked by the scaffolding and before we could explain what we had done he said in jest, "You need to be careful someone could lose an eye," and "It is all fun and games till someone loses an eye." To which I jokingly replied, "It still is as long as it is not you." It was at this point he said, "You will find this hilarious then." He lifted his glasses, about two inches, with one hand and then brought his other hand to his face. Using his index finger and thumb in a pinching motion he removed his glass eye and flung it at me (like a child would fling a booger), laughing and joking the whole time. I calmly caught the glass eye, handed it back to him, left the area, and then freaked out.
I immediately told my boss who began to chastise me for not noticing the client had a glass eye, asking if I just thought he had a lazy eye or something. I said I never really paid attention to his eye as I do not stare into other men’s eyes. He then kicked me out of the office to where I ran into the client and gave a long sincere apology. The client laughed it off saying it did not offend him and that he had been using the glass eye as a joke for years and I was just his latest victim.

Happy Friday, everyone!
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