Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Bullying: Part Fourteen - I Will Survive And Keep Going No Matter What

..."I will survive and keep going, no matter what."...  These are the kind of intrusive thoughts that we must program into our minds if we are to survive in combat.  (Grossman, Dave, Lt. Col. ON COMBAT. 2008. Warrior Science Publication. Pg.99.)

Actually, I would put, "God willing" at the beginning of that phrase (based on James 4:14).  So, "GOD WILLING, I WILL SURVIVE AND KEEP GOING, NO MATTER WHAT!"

Heroism is the brilliant triumph of the soul over the flesh.  - Henri Frédéric Amiel, From his journal

Only Six Out of 100,000 Will Kill

Millions of people bump against each other every day, many of them depressed, angry, hostile and full of hate, but only six out of 100,000 will kill.  Only four per thousand even attempt to inflict serious bodily harm and suffering (aggravated assault) in the average year.(Grossman, Dave, Lt. Col. ON COMBAT. 2008. Warrior Science Publication. Pg. 78)

It is my opinion bullies are difficult to understand.  But should we even try to comprehend their ways?  I think, yes...for a few reasons.  One being, when wrapped up in the ways of a bully it might feel like being trapped in a the web of a spider.  With words, actions, lies, and manipulation weaved in such complex ways it is seemingly impossible to escape before being devoured.  Catching the tricks helps a "target" have clarity to work the maze and eventually find a way out.

Today, dealing with a bully might be similar to engaging with an alcoholic or someone under the influence of drugs.  Their behavior is not what it would be if he/she was "sober".  A bully is "under the influence" of something else though like anger, fear, or a desire to be a tyrant dictator.

In the time of Jesus, managing a relationship with a bully may have been like that of one with a tax collector, Pharisees, and/or Sadducees.  Jesus did not turn a blind eye to them and their ways.  He called them on it.  Sure, He was perfect but does our imperfection mean we cannot fight for what is good and right?  I say, "No."  I feel each of us has an obligation and responsibility to battle against wickedness.

Impossible Assessment

So why is it so challenging for authorities and counselors to make accurate assessments sometimes?  Perhaps because it is impossible for them to have ALL the information, especially if the bully involved is dishonest and the case at hand falls into the "one person's word against the other" category.

Does being the "target" or underdog mean defeat!  I say, "SURVIVE! AND KEEP GOING, NO MATTER WHAT!"
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