Thursday, November 08, 2012

15 More Things You Might Not Know About Me

Below are 15 more things you might not know about me. (The first 15 are here.)

1. I like to go to the driving range and hit some balls. I do own my own set of clubs however I have never played a round of golf.

2. Hubs and I were married next to the 18th hole on a golf course in Florida.

3. The longest I’ve lived in one house is eleven years. The longest I have lived in one state is eighteen years.

4. I have added Instagram and Pintrest to my list of social networks on which I participate.

5. I am trying my hand at selling Beachbody products like P90X, ChaLean Extreme, Turbo Fire, Body Beast, Les Mills Pump, Shakeology, etc. It is slow going.

6. My favorite candy is Violet Crumble. I have not had any since 2000, though. Guess it's time to order some online.

7. I used to get "Rodeo Day" as a day off from school.

8. One of my favorite sounds is the thunder like crash of waves as they break on the shore or against rocks.

9. One of the best smells is the salty sea air.

10. I have always wanted to go to Space Camp. One of my most watched movies, growing up, was a flick by the same name.

11. One day I would like to own and operate a motorcycle. I loved Ninjas for the longest time, until I discovered Ducati!

12. One day I would like to explore Japan. I have only stopped there (in Tokyo) on a layover, once. I barely had enough time to get off the plane and run to the nearest shop to buy up all the crackers I could. Boy, oh boy, do I love their rice crackers!

13. I enjoy going to Japantown in San Francisco.

14. Ballet is my favorite form of dance. I loved training in it and teaching it to others. My least favorite is hip-hop because I look like a goof trying to execute it! I have a love/hate relationship with tap. It is interesting yet tedious. I over think it.

15. If I had my choice of any style home, I would choose a Victorian.

And, If I had my pick of any kitchen layout, I would select the one pictured below:

We started to have our current kitchen cabinets remodeled similarly but the individual who was working on them disappeared one day...along with almost all of our cabinet doors.

This is the only door we out of twenty-one! This is what they were supposed to look like. I think our kitchen would have been very pretty. But, it remains unfinished. S'ai la vie.
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