Monday, May 06, 2013

I Just Had to Share

Jesus does not want to merely be my savior; He also longs to be LORD of my life.  I was not saved simply to avoid hell.  We are called (John 10:10) to live life with Jesus in the here and now- and to live it abundantly!  That's the Jesus Revolution- realizing that our man-made systems and traditions, while useful,  carry no weight at all when held in the light of the Gospel.  Keep your religion and give me Jesus.  You may disagree and find me too radical or too simplistic.  Well you know what?    All I'm saying's all about Jesus.  End of story. - Carl Jones

As I was reading the blog of my former youth pastor, I was struck by what he wrote and just had to share it! To read his post in its entirety, please visit his blog, "I'd Laugh...but All This Happened to Me!"
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