Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A New Season

A new season has begun and is moving forward with or without me. The kiddos started attending a private school, my Bachelor's Degree education began yesterday, and a job opportunity has maybe become available. But just eight days ago I was still going to homeschool my children. It amazes me how quickly God opens one door and closes another...how He orchestrates things in advance yet I am oblivious to it until after the fact. (I saw all of this coming together months ago.) I am excited, scared, sad, hopeful, etc. all at the same time.

It is an adjustment. I am not going to lie. The kids and I are challenged, greatly, by the new arrangement. However, because God went before me and paved the way, I have faith this is the path I am (/we are) to take. As I walk I notice everything is different. I do not recognize a thing. None the less, He is trustworthy, and to be praised! He sees all the angles and dictates what is truly best...not just for me (and my limited vision) but for all parties involved, even the ones about which I do not know.

I cannot wait to see how this all pans out. Where am I going to be one week, two weeks, three weeks from today?! So much can happen in such a fragment of time. Being a stay at home mom (teaching young ones and working on commission) to learning full time and maybe going back to work, immediately, to boot! It is kind of like exercise, in a sense. I can train one way (i.e. kickboxing, wrestling, etc.), work hard, and become good at it. However, when I start doing a different kind of workout (running, swimming, softball, etc.), no matter how decent of shape in which I am, it is tough. I get winded,discouraged, maybe even a little overwhelmed. Switching up the schedule and duties is a HUGE imposition. It annoys me but I must do as I preach to my kiddos...I need to be thankful!

God provides. He gave me the means to put myself through college (in the form of federal loans). He choreographed the Little Chef and Little Leaguer going to private school (and quite possibly --- though I am not there yet, so I do not know for sure --- a way for me to pay for it)!

I must walk carefully and keep in mind,
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. (Matthew 6:21. ESV.)
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