Friday, September 06, 2013

Blessed be the Lord, Who Daily Bears Us Up

This seems to be a time of change, not just for me but for many others around me as well. New jobs, schedules, homes, territories, etc. I am not alone in my walk in the unknown (though mine is vaguely familiar. The college life like an alternate universe is a little tricky to blend with that of a wife and mother.) Some friends moved a while ago and are quite adjusted to their current situation. With others everything is still fresh and the kinks are still being worked out. And, further still are those who are just now unpacking, the dew still fresh and old life only a whisper away.

Stay at home moms returning to the workforce outside the home, southerners moving North, northerners moving South, homeschoolers experiencing the classroom, life learners returning to higher education. Pretty significant lifestyle changes.

It might be a lot to take in at first. I know for me, the next two years are one change after the next but we have to roll with it...trusting in God every step of the way. The first change for me was returning to school for my Bachelor's Degree.

The second was to stop homeschooling because I feel my kiddos are outgrowing it. It is time for them to learn how to deal with different personality types and peer pressure, focus in a crowded room, not only meet deadlines but to also pay attention to detail and move projects from point "A" to point "B", to take direction from different "bosses", etc. I want them to be prepared for the workplace, not give up, and know how to adjust to variables.

The third is possibly returning to employment...(if I am accepted for the position for which I applied). At first I was concerned there would not be enough time for a full time job on top of caring for my family and a full study load (13 credits/5 courses). But, as I get into the swing of everything, I see it just might long as the work hours do not run too long!

Lastly, our move to Texas will have us reestablishing ourselves, meeting people, forming relationships, getting used to the climate, economics, region, schools, etc. Today, I am tired so all of this seems so overwhelming as I think about it and type it out. However, I love new adventures and look forward to the challenges and rewards.

I pray for God's hedge of protection around each of us, everyday. I ask Him for peace, His grace, and mercy in every we maneuver the mundane, the surprises, the good, the bad, the boring, the exciting, the voluntary, the involuntary...this vapor of a life.

Blessed be the Lord,
who daily bears us up;
God is our salvation. Selah
(Psalm 68:19. ESV.)
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