Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Be Careful For What You Wish: Spiritual Warfare

Windmills in the ocean!
I love God's word. I adore fellowshipping. And, I wish being a pastor was my calling...but it is not. When I was a child...in high school, I believe it was, I thought I was going to be a minister. I wanted, with all my heart, for that to be my path. I now know and understand it never was nor will it ever be mine. I am, of course, okay with that.

Be Careful For What You Wish

I recall very clearly I prayed with every ounce of my being that one day I would be a fighter for God. I admired the archangels, like Michael and Gabriel, and asked God if I may fight for Him. Of course humans are humans and angels are angels and humans never become angels...I comprehend that. But I wanted to raise some heck--- or rather battle some hell--- for the Lord. And, I will tell you what...that is EXACTLY what I got! Without knowing me personally, it would take a while for me to explain and even then I do not feel my words would be adequate. So, I will sum it up in two words: spiritual warfare.

Pastor Mark Driscoll did a series on the topic which I am going to revisit. (I have embedded it below. I also wanted to post an excerpt from Wayne Grudem's SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY but I can't find my book right now.)

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