Monday, July 07, 2014

Friendship: Jonathan Loved Him as His Own Soul

I have amazing family and friends. I truly do. God has blessed me abundantly. I would say, at any given point in my life, on average I know a few hundred people. Some have been with me for nearly my entire vapor of a life, as I know it. Others are fairly new. A few, sadly, have been lost along the way. But each brings with him or her something invaluable to our relationship. Something unique that can never be replaced. And if it is gone, it is dearly missed.

I am, in my current season, without my family and friends often. I cannot wait for this to change. My studies keep me preoccupied and I do not get out as often as I would like. My only link to them are social networks (which I go on when I should be reading or studying, at times, just to connect with them). Lately, it seems, my days consist of bible study (first thing in the morning), school work, cleaning the house/ laundry/ chores, dinner, family time, then rest. This repeats itself every day. And, I have to admit, it is a tad humdrum. I often ask myself, “For what am I working?” I was made to glorify God. Am I still doing that with my day to day? I mean, it is nothing news worthy or exciting but as long as I am serving the Lord, I am elated.

To my family and friends I say, “I love you!” And, “Please forgive me for being absent.” I am aiming to remedy the situation, soon. Please know, “My heart is ALWAYS with you!”
John Piper states the following,
The deepest saints and the strongest leaders need Christian comrades to strengthen their hands in God. David was deep, David was strong, and David needed Jonathan.

Christian camaraderie is not just for the new recruits. It is for every believer. We never grow out of our need for the ministry of other Christians. If you think you are beyond the need for daily exhortation in the fight of faith, then probably your heart has already fallen prey to the deceitfulness of sin.

David was a man after God's own heart. He was a great warrior. He was no doubt superior to Jonathan in strength and intelligence and depth of theological understanding. But verse [1 Samuel 23:16] says that Jonathan went and strengthened his hand in God.

Don't ever think that a man is so strong that he does not need to be strengthened in God. And don't ever think that someone is so far above you that you can't be God's instrument to give strength.
By John Piper. ©2014 Desiring God Foundation. Website:

We are iron sharpening iron (Proverbs 27:17). You call me out (whether I like it or not) and I am to call you out when behavior is unbiblical. That is part of the purpose behind the body of Christ.

I must go for now but I close with this:
…the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul. (1 Samuel 18:1. ESV.)
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