Thursday, August 14, 2014

On A Lighter Note: Our Last Day of Summer Break (in Pictures)

Six Flags.  The Kong (left) and Medusa (right).

The butterfly habitat is one of my favorite attractions because it is so humid in there!  Oh, and the butterflies are beautiful!

Dryers for those who get a little "too wet" on a ride.  I believe the cost is $5.  Maybe I would spend that if I had ten children in there to dry off. Otherwise, sunshine will do the trick.

The Little Chef LOVES the penguins.  Penguin "S" (green band) is a favorite.

The new ride, which received mixed reviews from the peers of Little Chef and the Little Leaguer but we thought it was quite fun!

There is a blue line on the ground (which I assumed was a "safe distance" from the attraction) but...not so much.  Beware when walking by!
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